wmo search engine optimization

WMOSEO™ PRO - Takes search engine marketing to the next level, turning your web site into a viable lead generator. Your personal consultant will provide hands-on consultations and will customize a campaign that fits your market needs. Your personalized campaign includes advanced Search Engine Optimization services, detailed below:

Your WMOSEO™ PRO service package affords our clients with services including, but not limited to the following menu items:


  • Basic Keyword Analysis
  • Text Optimization
  • Keyword Meta-Tagging
  • Manual page submission to Top Search Engines
  • Mass submission to Specialized Search Engines
  • Standard Directory Submission*
  • Link Exchange
  • Quarterly Placement Reports upon request
  • Page Optimization
  • Keyword Density Analysis
  • Optional PPC Campaign Management* (Requires client CC# for keyword purchase)


WmoSeo PRO + includes all the above PRO the following advanced techniques:

  • Niche Directory Submission
  • Link Page Creation
  • Webring Inclusion

    Proper entry into the online market requires a setup package to allow for initial site preparation. The cost of the setup package is $500 and includes: Keyword research, Competitor Research, ODP Standard Directory submission, Meta-tagging and Submission of Home page.

    All wmoseo clients are required to commit to a minimum contract of 6 months. Web Marketing Campaigns are only effective if implemented on a continuous basis. (PLEASE NOTE: Search Engines typically take from 6 weeks to 3 months to index a web site, from the date of initial page submission.) i.e., Excite - approximately 6 weeks; AOL - up to 2 months, etc.

    Only Pro > and above levels include these services
    * These services are available on an a la carte basis
    ** Ask about custom Focused Content Page Creation to increase traffic to your site.




    Marketing Sherpa studies report that website owners who implement search engine marketing campaigns realize 24% - 500% greater revenue.

    WMOSEO services shouldn't cost you anything, because we make you much more money than you spend. Otherwise, there's really no point in hiring us. You hire marketing help to increase your customer base and your profits.

    The goal of our keyword strategy is to get you the best total quality return on your investment. If that sounds like a mouthful, it’s because there’s more involved here than just how many people visit your site. If they find your site, but they’re looking for something else, you didn’t do yourself any good. It’s far better to get 50 visitors who want what you have, than to get 1000 who leave before the first page finishes loading.

    The total formula, then, involves how many keyword phrases your site can rank well on, how high your site ranks for each of those searches, combined with how relevant and enticing your page titles and descriptions are. Obviously, then, increasing the number of keyword phrases your site covers will often deliver far better results, than trying to rank well on one extremely competitive keyword.

    Secure WMOADV-SEO services and let us try to DRIVE the traffic in your niche on a Global or Regional scale within 1 year.

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