about wmo

Our Story is Your Story


We specialize in being who "you" want to be or what "you" perceived to be and not who "we" want you to be.

Give a problem to an advertising agency and all you get is an ad. Give a problem to a think tank and you get ideas. While all agencies say they start with a blank sheet of paper, WMO really does. We have no financial incentives or preordained notions about what solutions we recommend for you but instead deliver flawless execution, effective presentation and clearly defined applications.

For some clients we work as a creative services agency...

... handling specific projects in interactive, online advertising, direct mail and publishing. For other clients, we work as a marketing partner — handling brand development , advertising, promotions and marketing.

    Our strong points

  • We provide agency quality services without the heavy price tag.
  • We work with all industry leading software.
  • We have excellent communications that provides excellent quality results..
  • We create engaging design that make customers act.
  • We conceptualize, design, market, write and program
  • We utilize talent from all over the world. So our resources go beyond our in house capabilities, providing our clients a wide array of development options all under one roof.