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Billing Policy

Last Updated: 7/2012

By requesting the services of webmercialonline® , you agree to abide by the billing policies outlined below. If you have questions about these policies, please contact billing (at) webmercialonline.com.

Payment Methods

We prefer payment by credit card through our online billing system. We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover/Novus, Diners Club and JCB and derivatives of those brands. We do not accept paper checks, money orders, cash, wire transfers or other forms of payment without prior authorization from webmercialonline® . If you need to make alternative arrangements, please notify webmercialonline® prior to ordering services. Credit card statements will show the charge as webmercialonline.

Though we prefer payment by credit card, we also accept PayPal payments. PayPal payments must be in the form of a PayPal cash transfer. Other PayPal funding methods such as credit card, echeck or wire transfer are not accepted.

Payment by check must be pre-approved. Please inform webmercialonline® before services begin that you wish to pay by check. Only established clients may use a paper check as a form of payment. Your check must be received within 10 days of invoicing to avoid late payment charges. If your check is returned for insufficient funds, closed account, or any other reason, you will be charged a $35.00 processing fee per failed transaction. webmercialonline® reserves the right to refuse acceptance of checks from any client.

Non Payment. Non payment of any balance due, that exceeds 3 months is assumed delinquent and will be billed 15% of principle balance each month. When the account reaches $500 it will be sent to our collection department for collection. If you have some circumstance you would like discuss prior to this action please contact webmercialonline.


webmercialonline® uses an electronic invoicing system. You will receive your invoice either by email as a PDF attachment, by email as a text message, or by email with a link to our online billing system. Typically, invoices on the day the work is completed.

webmercialonline® assumes you have received the invoice unless you indicate otherwise.

You should notify webmercialonline® immediately if you fail to receive an invoice and have been informed that services are complete. Our billing systems use email tracking to confirm that an invoice has been delivered. We are notified upon successful delivery and viewing of the invoice. Upon request, webmercialonline® will mail or fax you a copy of an invoice. Your payment terms will be noted on the invoice.

Payment Terms


Generally, invoices are sent by email upon completion of our services. Unless other terms have been pre-approved, your invoice is due in full upon receipt. Failure to pay outstanding invoices may result in late payment penalties, collection action and/or suspension of services. webmercialonline® provides a seven (7) day grace period for all invoices. Invoices must be paid on by the seventh day after the date of the invoice to avoid possible late charges.

Prepayment/Retainer Fees

webmercialonline® reserves the right to request pre-payment or retainer fees for any services. For work request exceeding $500.00, we may require signed work order agreement. For work request exceeding $1000, webmercialonline® may require a retainer fee of 30-100% depending upon your past billing history and/or credit history or previous client history. If past billing or credit history does not meet our approval criteria, we reserve the right to require that all services be paid for in advance or may refuse services.

Prepayment (New Clients)

webmercialonline® reserves the right to request prepayment from any client for any reason. Typically, webmercialonline® will simply invoice you upon completion of our services; however, if you are a new client, we may require prepayment. Generally, prepayment by new clients is required if services requested are expected to exceed a total of $250.00 or include emergency support, security incident investigations or disaster recovery services. In addition, webmercialonline® may request prepayment or credit card authorization if your card is not issued by a US Bank.

Other Payment Options

Under special circumstances longer terms, payment plans and other payment arrangements can be provided upon request. All such agreements will be established in writing and may incur additional interest, processing or other fees as established in the plan. Acceptance of an alternate payment method or plan is solely the discretion of webmercialonline® .

Extended Payment Terms

Preferred clients can arrange Net 15 and Net 30 day terms upon request. To qualify, you must have been in business for a minimum of three years, have completed three prior transactions with webmercialonline® with no delinquency, have used webmercialonline® for more than three months, and have estimated annual expenditures exceeding $5000.00. webmercialonline® reserves the right to reject a request for Net 15 and Net 30 day terms for any reason. If webmercialonline® approves you for extended payment terms, such changes will be noted on each invoice. Extended payment terms can be revoke at our discretion at any time. Failure to remit invoices on time may result in suspension of your extended payment terms and services. Extension of more than $500.00 of credit requires telephone and mailing address confirmation.

Recurring Services

webmercialonline® offers a number of recurring services that are automatically billed each month. These include items such as server backup, monthly system administration, server monitoring, server rental and other agreements.

Clients who enroll in recurring services will be automatically charged upon the renewal date of their account. Account renewals periods will be established at the time of subscription and may be monthly, quarterly or annually. The charge will appear on your credit card statement and identified as webmercialonline® . Generally, but not always, recurring services are billed on the 1st and 15th of each month. If you need a receipt, you may request one sending an email to sales@hostpaks.com

To cancel service, you must contact webmercialonline® five (5) business days in advance of your next billing date. You will need to provide the name of the service to cancel, the name of the credit card holder, and the last four digits of the card we have on file. We will not cancel services if you do not have this information. Refunds will not be granted if you do not notify webmercialonline® within five (5) business days of your billing date.

If your credit card is declined or has expired, you will receive an email notice stating so. You will then have 7 days after your billing date to provide updated information before your account will be suspended. If your account is suspended due to non-payment, there may be a reinstatement fee of $30.00. If you are paying by credit card please ensure we have updated credit card information. Please use our secure credit card update form if you need to send us new information.

Pricing Policy

webmercialonline® offers a number of fixed priced services, recurring services, and hourly support options. We also provide support by email, telephone and online chat. Please review the information for additional details on our pricing guidelines.

Fixed-Priced Services

webmercialonline® provides fixed prices for a variety of services. These prices will be honored provided that the client, knowingly or unknowingly, does not misrepresent or omit details about the server, software or other issues relating to the service to be performed. If webmercialonline® discovers that a server is not as described, we reserve the right to not honor the fixed fee and provide alternative pricing arrangement. Please fully describe all server modifications, updates, errors or other information that may impact our ability to complete the requested services. Common issues included non-standard third party software on your system, upgrading components independently of the vendor's authorized updates, server security hardening, interface customization and other updates/modifications that alter a base system. Please advise webmercialonline® to these changes prior to ordering service. In many occasions such modifications will not impact our fixed-price services, but you should notify us in advance to make sure that your server meets our fixed-price service guidelines.

Hourly Support

Many of our services are performed based on the stated hourly rate. Support will be billed in quarter hour (15 minute) increments at the prevailing rate for the specified level of support. Unless otherwise noted, all custom support requests have a one (1) hour minimum fee regardless of actual time worked. For most tasks, we will provide an estimate and ask that you pre-authorize a specific amount of time at the stated rate. Once service has started all communications via online chat, telephone, and email may be considered hourly support and will be billed accordingly.

Emergency Support

webmercialonline® defines emergency support as any work that must be addressed immediately or that is outside our normal business hours or on weekends or holidays. Emergency support rates may be double our regular hourly support rate. webmercialonline will inform you if emergency rates apply prior to initiating services.

Online Chat Support

We may need to chat with you online about your service request. Generally, any online chat sessions relating to a support request will be treated as billable time and billed as hourly support. These sessions do not include general pre-sale inquiries, questions relating to billed amounts, or as part of our follow-up policy.

Telephone Support

We may need to speak with you about your service request. Generally, any telephone calls relating to a support request will be treated as billable time and billed as hourly support. Clients should assume that any telephone call related specifically to support issues, server deployment, capacity planning or other items is considered billable hours. Required third party consultations on behalf of the client will be billed as hourly support. Telephone consultations regarding pre-sale inquiries, billing issues, or follow-up support are provided at no charge.

Email Support

We may need to exchange emails several times about your service request. Email support is difficult to manage and some jobs may require dozens of emails to resolve. In terms of billable support, we generally include a limited amount of email support built into the hourly support rates. Please limit emails to the current support request and use appropriate channels to request new support, follow-up on prior service, or obtain billing information. Technical questions or request submitted by email that require research by our staff will be billed at our hourly rate.

Written Documentation

Written documentation is billed at our hourly rate. We have a one hour minimum for all written documentation requests for special projects. webmercialonline maintains a number of standard documents for various services which will be provided to you as part of your service package. Should require specialized or custom documentation as part of your project, please specify this at the time of your order.


For hourly support, webmercialonline® will provide you with an estimate by email. Estimates are non-binding and will generally include a range of time. While we try to honor our estimated fees, there are several conditions under which charges may exceed the estimated amount. Unforeseen, unknown or new issues may arise that require additional time. Also note that the estimates are based upon the information provided by you at the time of the estimate. If critical information is misrepresented or omitted, then services may require longer than estimated. For common issues, we derive estimates from completed service requests, thus providing a good level of accuracy. For estimates exceeding $500, a written proposal can be provided.

If for some reason, we suspect that costs may exceed the initial estimate by the lesser of one half hour service fee or 10% of the initial estimate, then we will notify you as soon as possible to discuss the pricing. Typically, we can identify whether or not our initial estimate is correct within a few minutes of working on your system.

In our experience, our estimates are within 10% of stated amounts more than 94% of the time. Exceptions have included primarily instances where secondary problems were discovered or the initial problem was not properly represented.

Refund Policy

webmercialonline® reserves the right to refuse refunds for any reason. Generally, refunds are granted only for billing errors.

Billing Errors

If you discover an error on your invoice, please notify webmercialonline® as soon as possible. For billing errors, please submit your refund request to webmercialonline® within 60 days from the date of the invoice. If more than 60 days have elapsed, webmercialonline® may issue only a partial refund or decline the refund request. Please allow 3-10 days to process your refund request.

Other Reasons

Refunds for reasons other than billing errors typically are not granted unless there are clear omissions on the part of our service technicians. If you feel an error or problem with your server is due to errors made by webmercialonline® , please notify us immediately. We will review your system to determine what actions may have caused the error. Note that updating and upgrading software may introduce new errors caused by older scripts, software or other systems not directly modified by webmercialonline® . The latter is not the fault of webmercialonline® but the applications vendor and is not the basis for a refund. Example errors include installation of a version of a program other than requested, failure to install a requested program component, and other clear omissions on the part of the technician.

To request a refund due to errors or omissions, please do so within fifteen days (15) of your invoice date. Refunds requested after 15 days will not be granted. Many companies have an issue with clients requesting refunds directly from their credit card companies. Before requesting such a refund, please contact webmercialonline® about your issue. We will make every effort to resolve the issue in a fair matter.

Credit History

webmercialonline® may request a credit history for you and/or your company. Such information will only be used by webmercialonline® and not disclosed to third parties unless require by law. Poor credit history may result in cancellation of services or strict payment terms.

Delinquent Accounts

The terms of your account are noted on your invoice. You must pay the amount in full by the due date. If you cannot make payment by the due date, please notify webmercialonline® as soon as possible. Once an account is more than seven (7) days past due it is considered delinquent. You will be sent payment reminders until your account is paid in full. If within the past twelve (12) months, your account has entered delinquency webmercialonline® may refuse to provide services or request pre-payment for all services.

Clients with delinquent accounts must pay outstanding balances before requesting new services. Clients who also subscribe to recurring services may have those services terminated if their account becomes delinquent. If your account becomes 15 days past due, webmercialonline® may suspend your services. For subscription-based services, a $30.00 re-instatement fee may be applied to your account. If your account becomes 30 days past due, late fees will be accessed.

Clients whom have have had two or more delinquent invoices with the past twelve (12) months may be subject to a two hour (2), pre-paid minimum fee for all service requests.

Late Fees

webmercialonline® reserves the right to charge a late fee for any account that is 30 days or more past due. If your account is 30 days past due, webmercialonline® will charge a late fee of the greater of 2.5% of the balance due or $15.00/month. Late fees are accessed every 30 days until the outstanding balance is paid in full.

Collection Action

If your account becomes 30 days past due, webmercialonline® may begin collection procedures. webmercialonline® uses a third party collection agency. To avoid collection, please pay your invoices in a timely manner. If your account goes to collection, you will be responsible for all collection fees, which will be added to your outstanding balance. If your account is not settled after the third collection attempt, we will notify our collection agency to file a non-payment report with the major credit agencies.

Policy Changes

webmercialonline® reserves the right to change this billing policy at any time. Please review this policy from time to time to note change